A Measurable Difference

The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards provides, for the first time ever, new homebuyers and remodeling homeowners a way to measure the quality of the builder and the project against an industry approved set of standards.

These standard have been adopted by the Jackson-Jennings Builders Association as a service to new home and remodeling customers in Indiana.  Jackson-Jennings Builders Association, a member of the Indiana Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders is a membership trade association representing member firms in Jackson and Jennings County.

These standards create a series of performance standard that the builders and the homeowners can use to communicate and understand each other's expectations regarding the building or remodeling project.  The standards address the most prevalent issues that arise between the builder and the customer before the project, and, most importantly, after the project is completed.  All too often it is the undefined expectations that create the majority of the problems encountered in the building and remodeling processes.  The standard will help eliminate problems before the project even begins.

Our builders and remodelers have made a commitment to the Indiana Quality Assurance Builders Standards and can provide their customers with a set of standards that can be used to better understanding each others expectations regarding your building and remodeling project.